Carey Palenchar

Recipe Development
Carey provides original recipes for books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, websites, or restaurants – just contact her with your vision. Carey can also alter recipes to make them lighter or can help to translate ethnic recipes with unusual measurements or ingredients.*

Recipe Testing
Whether you’re writing a cookbook or organizing old family recipes, consider an unbiased second tester. Carey’s experience in a test kitchen and meticulous attention to detail will ensure your recipes are solid. Carey can also help in formatting and standardizing your recipes.*

Culinary Demonstration
Carey’s friendly and approachable cooking demonstrations can be tailored for large groups, small groups or for the constraints of television.

Hands-on Culinary Instruction for Individuals or Groups
Carey has experience teaching hands-on style cooking classes for the non-professional cook since 2007. Classes are taught in your own home as a one-on-one lesson or as the center of a unique social gathering.

*Carey does recipe testing and development work from her home in Pittsburgh, PA and can work remotely with people from all over the country.