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Chocolate & Avocado

Chocolate & Avocado

After an experiment at a wedding with a disassembled California Roll and a chocolate fountain, my friend Sam had an epiphany: chocolate covered avocado treats!   After all, avocados are one of his favorite foods.  It’s a good fat, you know.  This is all my way of saying that this was NOT my idea.  What started off sounding a little odd and gross, really turned into a fun and borderline-delicious time.

We began our project by gathering the ingredients: fresh avocados, Ghirardellli milk, bittersweet, and white chocolate bars, complementary toppings, and tiny sticks for dipping.

Can you guess the toppings?

Starting at the top of the photo below and going clockwise we have crushed smoked almonds, graham cracker crumbs, pepitas (salted, shelled pumpkin seeds), turbinado sugar (raw sugar), and fleur de sel (fancy sea salt).

We melted the chocolate in the microwave and found the perfect avocado! But..!

Before any dipping could commence, Sam and I had much discussion about HOW to cut and dip the avocado in the melted chocolate.  We tried chunks, spears, half-moons, and other indescribable formations.  Deciding the shape was the trickiest part because of the avocado’s natural round, oblong form with the hollow center left by removing the pit.  We ended up with a variety, as each shape has its merits.  The triangular chunks were easier to stab with the small sticks and made for a nice bite-sized confection.  The spears and flatter half-moons turned out much prettier when dipped and topped and actually seemed to hold the chocolate better.  For an elegant platter, the latter would be the choice.

Various shapes represented

More decisions to make: Sam wanted to mix the particulates into the chocolate making a chunky coating and I wanted to roll the dipped items into the toppings so you could actually SEE them on the outside.  I won – since I’m the chef and it was my kitchen – but after all, this was Sam’s idea so I let him play a little with his chunky chocolate coating idea.  I have to admit, it wasn’t terrible.

Then the real fun began!

After much dipping, dissecting, examining and eating, we came up with the following important tasting notes!

  • Out of the three chocolates – milk, bittersweet, and white – milk was the best.  The bittersweet overpowered the avocado entirely and the white chocolate just slid off the avocado slopes like a Rocky Mountain avalanche!  I couldn’t bear to post a picture.  It was gruesome.
  • Freezing the completed ones made the chocolate stick better and actually caused them taste more like avocado and less like chocolate (which was a very good thing because in general, the avocado flavor tended to be masked).  Along the same thinking, any shape that had a higher avocado to chocolate ratio was a good one.
  • Our favorite combination by far: Milk Chocolate Dipped Avocado with Pepitas and Sea Salt!  Other stand-outs included Milk Chocolate Dipped Avocado with Graham Cracker Crumbs and Dark Chocolate Dipped Avocado with Sea Salt, but nothing compared to the clear winner.

The options are many!  And we were quite exhaustive.

After hours of eating way too much of the stuff, we both felt pretty sick, as if we just inhaled a gallon of frozen custard.  My husband who was at work this entire time (silly man!) came home to discover our many plates of every avocado/chocolate/topping combination possible.  And perhaps for the most entertaining part of the event:  We got to watch him eat all the beauties!  We secretly wanted him to feel as sick as we did.  Over-stuffed bellies aside, it turned out to be a very enlightening and exciting afternoon!
Thanks, Sam!

There is no real recipe for this.  Just take some avocados, cut ‘em up, roll them around in some melted chocolate, and sprinkle anything you want on top.  Wait for the chocolate to harden and consume in mass quantities.  Enjoy!


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